Meter Asset Management

Meter Asset Management

Noble Offshore offers a range of meter asset management services for clients who want to understand more about their metering assets so that they can effectively plan and minmise future costs.

There are approximately 200million gas meters in the IR domestic market, comprising diaphragm credit and pre-payment meters and ultrasonic credit meters. Newly commissioned domestic meters are expected to be within ±2% of their performance criteria in terms of accuracy of readings, and are expected to remain fit for purpose during their life.There is no formal re-verification policy in the UK, and as such the metering populations are not tested on a regular basis.Noble Offshore’s aim is to offer a more accurate overview of the current state of the market, highlighting problems with meters and metering equipment and bringing the issues to the attention of all parties involved, namely the manufacturers and supervisory bodies.

Noble Offshore’s range of meter asset management services include in-service meter testing, asset life prediction, meter replacement strategies and ongoing monitoring

The benefits to the meter asset manager who implements a sound meter asset management programme can be outlined as follows:

  • Enhanced knowledge of metering assets
  • Efficient management of metering assets
  • Long term manpower and investment planning
  • Effective decision making
  • Reduced risk through minimising unexpected costs
  • Stakeholder satisfaction


Noble Offshore’s services for meter asset management include:

  • Sample plans and in-service accuracy testing
  • Data analysis
  • Asset lifecycle estimation
  • Meter replacement
  • Risk assessment
  • Meter asset management support tools such as software applications

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