Grouted Tee

Grouted Tee

Grouted Tee is a high quality alternative to traditional welded or mechanical pipeline tees.

Pipeline interventions are key procedures for onshore and offshore installations and include operations such as repair of pipeline defects, removal of internal blockages and addition of pipe branch connections.As one of Noble Offshore’s most innovative technologies for pipeline intervention, Grouted Tee introduces an intelligent mechanical method to connect an off-take or tee to an existing flow line.Grouted Tee does not require any site welding and therefore full flow can be maintained during installation and hot tapping. The construction is much simpler than existing mechanical fittings and can accommodate much larger ovality of the main pipeline; installation is carried out with minimal pipe preparation.Grouted Tee enables connections to be made to existing pipelines in the size range 2″ – 56″, whether for:

  • New pipeline developments
  • Branch pipelines
  • Pipeline repairs
  • Valve bypass/replacements
  • Removal of blockages

Noble Offshore offers a complete service from consultancy and design to supply and installation, working with your local contractors. Alternatively, a licence arrangement with a local company of your choice may be arranged.

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