PE Pipe Testing

PE Pipe Testing


Spadeadam Test Site has extensive facilities to provide quality assurance and certification to manufacturers and operators of PE pipelines, backed by over 30 years experience in the PE business.

Full Scale Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP)

Plastic pipe materials up to 700mm diameter can be tested for their fracture resistance at full scale in a facility incorporating a chilled trench. Tests can be conducted in accordance with Transco Technical Standard PL2, ISO 13478 or other National Standards.

Noble Offshore offers 50 fully automated pressure stations that can hydrostatically test pipes at pressures up to 40bar. Our large capacity water tanks means that Noble Offshore can test pipe assemblies of up to 630mm.

Noble Offshore does: type approvals testing, 80C hydrostatic testing, 20C long-term strength, tensile strength, hydrostatic testing after squeeze-off, hydrostatic testing of offset butt joints, extractability of additives, fusibility, accelerated relaxation and end load (AREL) tests as well as temperature cycling testing.

Joint Quality Testing

Evaluation of butt fusion and electrofusion joints by tensile testing. This is particularly useful when adopting a new line, or when assessing the quality of an existing line before uprating the operating pressure. This service is also an effective means of quality control for pipeline installers.

Product Development

Assisting manufacturers in developing new PE products and installation methods with our laboratory testing and field simulation facilities.


Noble Offshore is an established provider of consultancy services on the construction, commissioning and operation of gas transportation systems. Noble Offshore’s involvement with CEN, ISO and BSI as well as internal company standards means that we can offer beneficial advice and expertise on devising specifications for gas companies wishing to set up PE distribution systems worldwide. Noble Offshore can work with manufacturers looking to market their products in new areas by giving technical support and providing testing services.

Polyethylene (PE) Pipe Testing

Noble Offshore works to recognised standards (Transco Standard PL2 or equivalent European Standards), assisting you in developing new products, carrying out type approval tests and supporting production testing. In addition, we offer a technical service for all types of PE pipes and fittings.

Noble Offshore’s pioneering work in the development of notch pipe testing and the full-scale Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP) test site means that we are the primary source for your plastic pipe expertise. Noble Offshore can also independently and confidentially test products in realistic field conditions, and help with developments based on our unrivalled end user expertise and experience.

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