Fixed & Floating Platforms

Offshore platforms are situated in some of the most hostile locations and need protection from extreme environmental conditions. In the North Sea they must withstand icy temperatures and huge waves. In the Gulf of Mexico, platforms are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds.


Design Noble Offshore offers a range of analytical and practical services specifically designed for fixed platforms, including steel jackets, gravity base structures and compliant towers. We can also ...



Build Platform construction is a global business and requires design plans, plant and equipment to be sourced from several locations. Through our global network, Noble Offshore engineers can attend on...



Install Transporting and installing offshore platforms are complex and delicate operations, and great care must be taken to ensure substructure and topsides are loaded out, transported and installed s...



Operate Noble Offshore has developed its own, unique structural integrity management system to ensure the most up-to-date structural models and inspection data are easily accessible. Reliability and s...


RBI software

RBI software RBI software is an asset integrity management (AIM) software tool which determines risk and shows the technical integrity of an asset. Moreover, it develops a targeted inspection and main...


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