Pipelines, Flow lines & Risers


Pipelines, Flowlines & Risers

Pipelines, flow lines and risers contain the hot, pressurised oil and gas piped up from seabed installations to shore and for processing.Noble Offshore’s pipeline engineers provide knowledge and experience of design codes and ensure that this valuable cargo arrives safely.

Offshore and Subsea Pipelines

Subsea pipelines present very different engineering challenges as faced by onshore lines. They must deal with higher external pressures and colder temperatures, and unless buried or trenched in the seabed, subsea pipelines are subject to currents and tidal movements.

In addition to providing pipeline services through all project stages – from conception to operation to decommissioning – we add value to our clients’ projects and assets by ensuring that client and regulatory requirements are met.

Onshore Pipelines

Our expertise helps covers upstream, in-field gathering and export systems for high-pressure transmission trunk lines through to low-pressure downstream distribution systems. This knowledge extends to issues including choice of a pipeline route, materials (we understand the problems caused by fluids carried within pipelines) to laying technique. Whether installed above or below ground,Noble Offshore experts ensure client and regulatory requirements are met.

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