Noble Offshore has developed its own, unique structural integrity management system to ensure the most up-to-date structural models and inspection data are easily accessible. Reliability and safe design of all engineered structures is vitally important to prevent catastrophic failure and ensure continuous profitable operation.

This enables emergency response activities to be performed on a 24/7 basis, maintaining production uptime as far as possible. The consequences of structural failure can be tragic in terms of loss of life and financially crippling due to loss of production and revenue.Our experience of managing platforms producing over 1.5 m bbl./day and familiarity with advanced structural-analytical models enables Noble Offshore to provide regular assessment of asset integrity.Our services extend to cover most fixed-platform operations including analytical and operational support:

  • Work-over operations
  • Bridge-linked activities with support vessels
  • Ship-impact assessments
  • Repairs of platform damage
  • Corrosion studies
  • Life extension and abandonment / removal

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