Pipeline Software Tools

Pipeline Software Tools

Noble Offshore offers Pipeline Software Tools like SynerGEE® Gas for Network Modelling and Analysis, Pipeline Simulator (SPS) for flow simulation,RBI software the Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software tool and UPTIME combining decision support tools with a data management system.

Network Modelling and Analysis

SynerGEE® Gas models and analyses closed conduit networks of pipes, regulators, valves, compressors, storage fields and production wells.

Pipeline Simulator

Pipeline Simulator (SPS) is the worldwide leader in the flow simulation of natural gas and liquid transmission systems. The SPS family includes a complete range of compatible simulation solutions from the planning desktop through operator training and qualification, and into online systems including leak detection and predictive simulation.

RBI Software

RBI Saftware is an asset integrity management (AIM) software tool, which determines risk and shows the technical integrity of an asset. Moreover, it develops a targeted inspection and maintenance programme. RBI software is a combined AIM and risk-based inspection tool that can be used for any oil, gas or petrochemical facility or power plant.


UPTIME combines Noble Offshore’s powerful decision support tools with a data management system to address pipeline risk and integrity management. UPTIME helps improve your knowledge of the condition of your oil and gas pipelines and to target your integrity expenditures for maximum benefit.

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